Divine Guidance Series coming mid-October October 04 2011

Thanks to all of you who have been enjoying our free monthly download. This month we will for the first time be making an entire series of talks available on MP3, Joy's messages on Divine Guidance. We have been slowly adding Joy's talks to our MP3 database but this will be the first entire series to be made available. 

As part of this promotion, not only will Joy's first talk be our free monthly download for October and November, but we will be offering the entire 8-part series for a special reduced rate, of just $19.99 (normally $36 on CD).  

Here is a description of the series:

"This comprehensive study with vivid illustrations, covers the subjects: Gods character in relation to guidance, How to hear God's voice, The different ways in which God speaks, reasons why God delays answers, and some overall warnings and explanations. Application of these truths is an essential foundation to the intimate and exciting relationship God wants to have with every one of us."

We expect to make these available in mid-October so please check back.